17 October 2010

Conrad Es (Poland)

Adventure with music in my case it's a long story. There were no indications that my quiet life of a child's joints how fascinating the world of music. I was born on 18 August 1985 in Jaworzno. I started playing keyboards. Trying to playing by ear, laid my melodies heard in various media. I was fascinated by every kind of music I wanted to try everything and find the best genre for me. The first time I stood for the console at the age of 13 years, what was for me a very great experience. I started playing small clubs, where he surpassed rave, hands up. The popular "Club Show" has accompanied me for a long time, it was only in 2001, I changed my habits. Determination and perseverance in pursuing goals helped me in demonstrating the musical for the discerning clubber. In my sets can dosluchac a commercial sound, but privately I listen less commercialism. In any event I put great passion and commitment in every song, you feel optimism, each set an enchanting energy and euphoria. Style and a perfect contact
the audience was and is a ticket to play in the best clubs and events in Poland and abroad. Do not play for myself and for people, providing them with a powerful dose of interesting and imaginary works which will remember for a long time. Despite his young age, I started with the organization of many events in Silesia, in recent years is the fashion shows, championships and workshops
beginner dj (now the new workshops and electronic music together with Michau'em Chosen One), events from the talents "young" club scene. Between the time I deal with music production. I recommend such songs as "Bam Bam Africa" and "Underground." From 4
I play solid year in which the resident LAGUNA Music Club, where every Saturday you can experience an unforgettable night with the sublime music of my proposals. Each event is not just another opportunity to demonstrate to a wider audience but also to prove themselves in terms of organizational and executive at a professional level. Being a Dj is not only a passion and commitment in creating the event and its accompanying climate, but also a big factor is the satisfaction of club members, and hence, the best way to spend another successful weekend.
Clubs in which you could meet me:
Saturn Club [PL], Laguna Club [PL] (Residency, Menagering), Tropicana Club [PL], Club 121 [EN], Old Manor [EN], Mega Pizza [EN], Club 66 [EN], ALFA Club [PL], Club Blue [EN], Karlynka [CZ], Fresh [DE], Fridge [DE], Club Corner [EN], Club Base [EN], Millennium Club [PL], Eagle Club [PL], Club blast [EN], Stock Club [PL] and many others not worth the praise
At present, together with a beautiful young and talented Anna eF (no names:D) which is endowed with an amazing vocal talent prepare the disc. We're at the halfway point, so as soon to be loud ... House music and trance music nice vocals

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