21 October 2010

Thank You For Your Help

We did it! Event ready! That's all for the moment has been prepared, was carried out with the help of many people and here I would like to thank for that!

At the outset, let me start by Dagmara "Daggie" Pozywio. It is through it all took off in accordance with the deadline!

Many thanks to Adrian Lubinski and Pawel Jaworski for assistance in obtaining licenses for radio broadcasts on Radio Tuba and TranceFM.

Next, I would like to thank Jacob Roksinski and again Adrian Lubinskiemu for their help in inviting guests, who will be hosting a event!

Further thanks go to Kevin Kaminski, Mikołaj Gnap and Emil Oleszak for help from the graphic. With your help and the trailer was a poster.

The biggest thanks go to Sylvia and the entire community served, who kept our fingers crossed that the whole event was organized in its entirety and without any obstacles.

I would also like to thank everyone DJ's that his presence at the event make it a worthy event, and is the highest level. In the same place I also thank every managers who helped me with this.

Many thanks to all the patrons who advertise the event on their websites, and especially for the main patron of The Breeze Agency, which allowed access to the radio as well TranceFM organized the largest number of DJ's in hosting the event.

And most importantly thanks for all radios of the administrators, who have provided airtime specially for this occasion. Without your approval there would be no question of any event.

Thank you once again to you and all who want the best. It is thanks to you "B-Day Party - 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves" enters into force with effect from 28.10. I bow down to each individual.

Best regards and expression of respect
Rafal Kosieradzki
DJ K'Reeves

17 October 2010

DJ K'Reeves (Poland/Austria)

Rafal Kosieradzki aka DJ K'Reeves was born in Lomza in Poland.
The journey began with music from an early age. Unlike most of his peers, taste for such genres as Techno, Acid Trance, Goa Trance but was never closed to other types of music.

When he started going to school view DJ impressed him so much that he decided to pursue this would take a similar position.

The beginnings were difficult but he managed to through a friend's birthday party, after which spread the news about a man who puts people in seats to dance. In this way, he was given the opportunity to indulge in more forces school event, where he passed the exam and was frequently invited guest at school partys.
With time and a friend decided to open a radio housing estates, which were trained and showed others their skills. Soon the radio was spotted by a different radio stations (Radio Lomza 88.8 Mhz). He had the opportunity to instantly broadcast Friday evening, and thus became a recognizable person in the Lomza area.
His first start in the club had 15 years of age through the organization by Lomza Brewery  Championships DJs, which took place in the biggest club Atom Lomza, where under the Ralph K. pseudoniomem took 2nd place.

2 position gave him entry to many clubs in Lomza, and surrounding towns where the age of 18 he played such species as Electro House, Dance, R'n'B and Hip-Hop sometimes.

The situation changed radically after meeting a person who changed his views on the Trance music and its variations. A love that was born to this music opened to him a completely new stage in life. It is this music has mobilized it to obtain a license the DJ, who was awarded in October 2005.

A new image has changed so require changes to existing pseudonym of Ralph K. on DJ K'Reeves and changed the place of residence and moved to a bigger city Bialystok. Unfortunately the location does not gave him an opportunity to play his music, because most clubs have been directed to the commercial music you played before. For this reason, it can be heard only a few times in Bialystok clubs as a guest, and after about 6 months, ceased to play in clubs.

In order not to lose the forms returned to play on the radio sites, which this time brought more satisfaction because the music Trance attracted a huge number of listeners. In a short time began to be noticeable DJ in the online world.
During this period, very much deepened their knowledge about Trance and also became interested in minimalist music, which soon also began playing on the radio and also met with high approval from the audience. The period as he himself called 'website promotion' lasted about 1.5 years. After this period, he began to use the proposed guest trips to Poland and Europe, which brought him enormous advantages, because he played in many clubs.

At the moment approximately one year living in Austria and as a DJ is her representative. As of today continue to maintain contact with radios to provide internet and on the web. In constant contact at the Austrian club life as well as radio stations.

Coming soon is his time to the production of their own tracks.

At this time, due to its 5 years anniversary as a DJ, is organizing a big event to be held in the form of radio broadcasts on 28-31.10.2010. Event called "B-Day Party: 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves" will bring together a group of 61 DJs from 14 countries, where each of them will present a 60 minute demonstration of their skills from the world of Trance and Minimal, which will be issued in the 6 radios sites with Polish, of Netherlands and Germany.

Additional information:

Amnesia Maxx (Lomza PL), Atom (Lomza PL), Yam Caffe (Lomza PL), Metro (Lomza PL), Forteca (Piotnica PL), Kair (Zambrow PL), Aquarium (Zambrow PL), Coloseum (Ostoleka PL), X-Club (Myszyniec PL), Swiss (Suwalki PL), Labirynt (Suwalki PL), Euforia (Olsztyn PL), Gwint (Bialystok PL), M7 (Bialystok PL), MusikPark A1 (Bialystok PL), Wall Street (Bialystok PL), Heaven (Bialystok PL), Escapada (Bialystok PL), Vip (Bialystok PL), Alibi (Bialystok PL), Euforia (Pietkowo PL), Amboseli (Poznan PL), Oiom (Lodz PL), Piekarnia (Warszawa PL), Luzztro (Warszawa PL), Alibi (Wroclaw PL), Chillout (Kielce PL), Casanova (Ciche PL), Genesis (Zakopane PL), Dragon (Czarny Dunajec PL), ADHD (Nowy Targ PL), Broadway Club (Reykjavik IS), White House (London GB), Carre (Brussel B), Paradogs (Prague CZ), Mambo (Reims FR), Hechelei (Bielefeld D), Phoenix (Hannover D), Tunnel (Hamburg D), Pflaumenbaum (Stuttgard D), Pulvertum (Monachium D), Barracuda (Nitra SLK), Cirkus Barok (Bratislava SLK), Notausgang (Vienna AUS), Utopia (Vienna AUS), Johann Strauss Schiff (Vienna AUS), Orange (Vienna AUS), Allin (Vienna AUS), Goodman (Vienna AUS), Passage (Vienna AUS), Volksgarten (Vienna AUS), Prater Dome (Vienna AUS), Sansibar (Vienna AUS), Till Eulenspiegel (Neulengbach AUS), Nachtschicht (St. Pölten AUS), Sega (Salzburg AUS), Cave (Salzburg AUS)

Escape To Freedom (Nowogrod PL, 2005)
Escape After Party (Lomza PL, 2005)
Lomzynskie Juwenalia (Lomza PL, 2007)
Lomza Beer Festival (Lomza PL, 2008)

www.di.fm (Guest Mixex)
www.trance.fm (B-Day Party 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves)
www.clubbers.fm  (The Best Of Classic Trance); (Global Trance Emotions)
www.eradio-one.de (B-Day Party 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves)
www.minimal-radio.com (B-Day Party 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves)
www.4clubbers.fm (Guest Performance)
www.4clubbers.com.pl (Guest Performance)
www.radioftb.net (Guest Performance)
www.radio-efora.tk (World of Minimal)
www.radiotuba.org (B-Day Party 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves)
www.radioaz.fm (B-Day Party 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves)
www.djslomza.fm (In The Mix)

Radio Lomza (88.8Mhz PL) (Music Turbulence)
Radio ESKA (88.8Mhz PL) (Music Turbulence)
Radio Energy (104.2Mhz AUS) (Guest Performance)
Radio Kronehit (105.8Mhz AUS) (Broadcast Live from the Club Prater Dome)

Orjan Nilsen, Dervish, Finesee, Neevald, Ilya Soloviev, Simmon Patterson, Marcus Schossow, Manuel Le Saux, Digital Nature, Marco Santozo, Brooklyn Bounce, Master Blaster, Bas Van Venn, Diana d'Rouze, Jonson, Kris, Angelo Mike, Tiddy, DJ Tales, C-Bool, DJ Dimitri, DJ RodLive, Rod Peterssen, Sean Tyas, Lady Waks, DJ Puffy, Levy, Mike Wind, Anya & Vivka, San, Carlo Calabro, Conrad S, East Clubbers, Carla Roca, Ron van den Beuken, Infinity, E-Craig and more.

Next DJ, Re-Ward, Leon Bolier, Manuel le Saux, Cristian Varela, Sebastian S., Dusty Kid, Echo Vacio, MicRoCheep & Mollo, Alex di Stefano, Stante T., Andrea Roma, Martijn ten Velden, D. Ramirez, Abel Ramos, Phunk Investigation, Dandi & Ugo, DJ Lucca, Angelo Mike, Ann D, Robert Babicz, Christian Weber, Jonas Stenberg, Andrew Bennett, Mark Khoen, Arctic Moon, Matt Darey, Vadim Soloviev, First State, Toxic Noiz, Bluefire, Paul Ercossa, DJ Solano, Arisen Flame, Paul Vinitsky, Galan Behr, Mark Sixma (M6), Bart Claessen, Krzysztof Chochlow, Marcel Woods, Joe B. & Sabas, Kris O'Neil and many more.

Techno Minimal, Minimal, Tech House, Deep House, Dutch House, Trance, Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance, Tech Trance


Mail: djkreeves@wp.pl
GG: 24276821

Max Lombardo (Austria)

Max is born on the 24th June,1983 in Vienna. He began his DJ’s career at the age of 18 years.
After learning and practicing the skills he got his first Gig in Viennas Moulin Rouge.
He is innovative and creative DJ-Sessions can be described as a mixture of minimal techno, tech-house and a little bit of techno but every performance is unique.
Max is always very flexible because he knows how to get the crowd freaking out in clubs.
He completed his Sound Engineer education 2005
He is a remarkable talent and a consummate professional.This is just the beginning for Max. He knows where he’s going…

Cristian Varela (Spain)

Varela is sought after by the most significant national and international media. He has been interviewed by television channels such as: MTV (Germany, Belgium, and Spain), VIVA, the BBC as well as Telecinco, TVE and Antena 3 just to name a few. Likewise his interviews have been printed in El Mundo, El País, GQ, Rolling Stone, and other international publications including Raveline (Germany), Time Out (Greece), Loud (Japan), Trax (France) and that put out by the Miami Winter Conference.
In 1986, he created his first classically styled compositions that surprised and caught the interest of those both near and far. In particularly it piqued the interest of many theatrical directors who chose to include some of his works in pieces such as: “El retablo de la avaricia”(“The Tableau of Greed”), “La Lujuria” (“Lust”) or in “La muerte de Valle Inclán” (The Death of Valle Inclán”) and others by the Calderón de la Barca Company. He was also the composer of music of a work by Mario Vargas-Llosa, “Ojos Bonitos” (“Pretty Eyes”).
It was at that time that Cristian Varela began his extensive and fruitful career as a composer and pianist than spanned more than 19 years of professional dedication, but without abandoning what he had considered his “hobby”, electronica. This year, his work in this genre earned him yet again Best Techno Deejay 2008, an award he has won several years in a row. He also brought out his new discographic production this year: “The Best Of Cristian Varela Since 1994”. This disk brings together the best and most famous hits of his extensive career under the well known Spanish label Blanco y Negro (BCN). He has also returned in full force to his work as musician and composer for film sound tracks (“Ramirez” 2009) and for music videos (“Cardboard head” 2010).
His productions and live performances around the world made him into an ambassador of electronica music. The vast discography he has authored triumphs wherever it goes and has led to his constant international tours across the globe from Japan to the United States by way of Europe and the United Kingdom.
With more than 100 works put on the market since 1994, with some of the most emblematic labels, including remixes, albums, maxi-albums and compilations, some of which have achieved remarkable sales such as, “El Cigarrito-Lunatic Dreams”. This was his first disk on the market and has served as a guide for many producers since then, as it was a benchmark in the era of techno-trance music. “Your Body Experiences Remix” and others have sold thousands of copies around the world, and have made him an irreplaceable figure within the landscape of cutting edge music, as well as making him an essential presence at the most prestigious electronica music festivals in the world. All of this cemented his place as a true specialist of contemporary cutting edge music.
And in a more commercial ambient he has remixed no less than titles as well known as the Eurhythmics’ “Sweet Dreams”, Michael Zager´s Band’s “Let´s All Chant” or “Rescue Me” used in a TV advertisement for a beer. He has also provided the sound track for the fashion shows of designer Felipe Varela, for his 1999, 2000 and 2001 lines of the prestigious Pasarela Cibeles de la Moda (Cibeles Fashion Week).
In 1994, along with his brother and current manager he created Pherenetic Society. From this music production house he directs two record labels: Pornographic Recordings, which ranks among the top techno music labels of the moment and provides an opportunity to new talents across the globe; and Donkeyhead Recordings, which encompasses style such as electro-house and ambient music.
A DJ School and the hiring of national and international artists are the other key points of Phrenetic Society.
He is, together with his brother Luis, a promoter of one of the most important electronica music and art festivals in Europe, the Electrosonic Festival, which has been nominated as the best European electronica music festival by the DJ Awards 2008, and is the only festival held in a natural park, namely area of Fuentes Blancas (Burgos).
The elaborate and esteemed professional career of Cristian Varela has been recognized with a long list of awards granted over the years, such as best producer, DJ and composer. Those which particularly stand out include  “Best Techno DJ in the World”; “Best DJ of the year”, “Best Spanish Techno DJ of the year” (for eight years in a row) “Best mix session CD” (best session that can be purchased) and “Best International Album”.
Several awards have also recognized the work of his record label, such as “Best Techno Music Record Label” (2004 and 2006), “Best Electronica Music Record Label” (2005); and “Best Minimal-Techno Music Record Label” (2006), plus the award of having albums in the most important music charts in the world.
2007 prize for the BEST TECHNO DJ IN THE WORLD, an honor shared by names like: Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin or Sven Vath among other…

Conrad Es (Poland)

Adventure with music in my case it's a long story. There were no indications that my quiet life of a child's joints how fascinating the world of music. I was born on 18 August 1985 in Jaworzno. I started playing keyboards. Trying to playing by ear, laid my melodies heard in various media. I was fascinated by every kind of music I wanted to try everything and find the best genre for me. The first time I stood for the console at the age of 13 years, what was for me a very great experience. I started playing small clubs, where he surpassed rave, hands up. The popular "Club Show" has accompanied me for a long time, it was only in 2001, I changed my habits. Determination and perseverance in pursuing goals helped me in demonstrating the musical for the discerning clubber. In my sets can dosluchac a commercial sound, but privately I listen less commercialism. In any event I put great passion and commitment in every song, you feel optimism, each set an enchanting energy and euphoria. Style and a perfect contact
the audience was and is a ticket to play in the best clubs and events in Poland and abroad. Do not play for myself and for people, providing them with a powerful dose of interesting and imaginary works which will remember for a long time. Despite his young age, I started with the organization of many events in Silesia, in recent years is the fashion shows, championships and workshops
beginner dj (now the new workshops and electronic music together with Michau'em Chosen One), events from the talents "young" club scene. Between the time I deal with music production. I recommend such songs as "Bam Bam Africa" and "Underground." From 4
I play solid year in which the resident LAGUNA Music Club, where every Saturday you can experience an unforgettable night with the sublime music of my proposals. Each event is not just another opportunity to demonstrate to a wider audience but also to prove themselves in terms of organizational and executive at a professional level. Being a Dj is not only a passion and commitment in creating the event and its accompanying climate, but also a big factor is the satisfaction of club members, and hence, the best way to spend another successful weekend.
Clubs in which you could meet me:
Saturn Club [PL], Laguna Club [PL] (Residency, Menagering), Tropicana Club [PL], Club 121 [EN], Old Manor [EN], Mega Pizza [EN], Club 66 [EN], ALFA Club [PL], Club Blue [EN], Karlynka [CZ], Fresh [DE], Fridge [DE], Club Corner [EN], Club Base [EN], Millennium Club [PL], Eagle Club [PL], Club blast [EN], Stock Club [PL] and many others not worth the praise
At present, together with a beautiful young and talented Anna eF (no names:D) which is endowed with an amazing vocal talent prepare the disc. We're at the halfway point, so as soon to be loud ... House music and trance music nice vocals

The Electric Boy (Germany)


Sebastian S. (Poland)

Sebastian S is a young, ambitious DJ and producer from Bydgoszcz in Poland. His adventure began at the turn of 2006/2007.
Of course, in the beginning was hard, but persistence and a great love for music helped them survive the worst period. Then it was just easier. First steps for the console and the first productions.
The year 2008 was a turning point in his career. Getting friendly with the DJ W and launch a joint music project - Double U & SS. Their first song was released on the Sunrise Festival 2008 and was warmly received by club members throughout the country. Their songs were featured on the compilation of Godskitchen and FTB (www.ftb.pl)!
In the next latch also does not remain in the shadows. Subsequent productions and more successful. Their EP entitled "Action Man" released in Empedo Records was very warmly received. The title track was on the compilation 'Poland Calling 2 " mixed by Catz'n'Dogz! This compilation was released by Sentence Records - Mike Angelo record. Hosted the biggest events in the country. Among other things, on the Sunrise Festival 2009, enHouse 2009 and Electrocity Festival 2010! The latter event is special for him because he played in a duo with DJ W with names such as Dubfire, Timo Mass, Kevin Saunderson, Luca Bacchetti and Nastia Beauty.
Music is also his way of life. Along with his friends founded a thriving agency and booking-organizational MUSIC EMPIRE AGENCY. As he says: "If you want something with all your heart, there is no such force that you prevent the realization of this!"

Jawoo (Poland)


Dusty Kid (Italy)

DUSTY KID [aka Paolo Alberto Lodde] was born in the first half of the decade of the 80’s. As a new „enfant prodige“ he immediately showed his natural attitude for the variegated „music world“. At 10, after just one year of private lessons of the basic notions of piano and violin, he was admitted directly to the 6° year of the piano course in the conservatory of his native city. Following the accademic experience, his tasks moved gradually from the austere classical world to the electronic system, free from binds and traditional old-fashioned diktats. DUSTY KID started to manipulate synthesizers, samplers and sequencers, and he realized that one passion was growing and growing: the ardor for arranging and producing his own compositions. He released his first single „I Found A Reason“ at 19 on the English label Lowered Recordings, and then he produced various singles and remixes for Mutiny UK, Robbie Rivera and Trinity Hi-Fi. The first official single under the aegis of the pseudonym DUSTY KID was „The Summer of Love“.
But it’s during 2004 that Dusty Kid creates the project Duoteque with DJ Andrea Ferlin and releases numerous EPs on Boxer Recordings and the tracks were immediately included in the DJ sets of some of the most important names, like Richie Hawtin, Tiefschwarz, Ricardo Villalobos, Dominik Eulberg, Sven Väth and Magda.
After the Duoteque experience Paolo decides to take his own way and to release his own productions as DUSTY KID.
First release was the NEW ORDINAMENT EP on Motivo, followed by a second EP in 2007. 2007 is also the year of various releases as Dusty Kid on labels such as Kling Klong „Signal ‘63 EP“, Systematic „Tsunamy“/“Milk“, Boxer Recordings „Anatome EP Vol.1“ and Southern Fried Records „The Cat“ / „The Kitten“, all hugely supported by DJS all over the world and still doing damage on the dancefloors and in the charts, as well as getting amazing reviews from press.
But there’s still time to the end of the year…and while producing tracks for his debut album and the various gigs around the world, Paolo has in the mean time placed some more tracks due for release prior to the end of the year as well as delivered some amazing remixes for the like of Josh Gabriel and The Droyds [the latter for #1 dance Italian label Rebirth]…
You can’t restrict it in a genre… a sort of eclectic techno with influences from the 80’s restrained with acid house and spiced with minimal… in few words… a big beat soup!

DJ East (Poland)

DJ East - comes from Starogard Gdanski in Poland.
DJ and music producer, house music fascinated from an early age.
In his sets he presents musical styles such as house, minimal and trance.
For a long time produced in the style of progressive house, in their productions is trying to sound better and better.
On the radio meetins had a chance to play with the likes of DJ Casprov, Love Shakerz, DJ Tween, M-Tronic, and many others. You could also hear some electro mixes such as for example: DJ East vs. DJ Max'T - Union DJ's Megamix 2009.
To this day, maintains constant contact with the biggest DJ's from the music scene.

DJ East na My Space: http://www.myspace.com/djeast_tedpt

DJ Salis (Poland)

Maciej Adamczyk aka DJ Salis (07.05.1991) is a young and ambitious DJ coming from the small town of Chelmno in Poland.
His first steps behind the console, put in 2007. Despite his young age, played many events, but says the best performances at Club Nevada (Nur PL), Fantazja (Jaswily PL), Arena (Kokocko PL) and at Euforia (Pietkowo PL).
Preferred styles: Minimal , Electro , House and Tech House.
In year 2009 was 63 DJ in terms of popularity in Poland by. Ranking FTB (www.ftb.pl).
In year 2008 was 87 DJ in terms of popularity in Poland by. Ranking FTB (www.ftb.pl).
Has already played in places such as:
Euforia (Pietkowo PL), Fantazja (Jaswily PL), Nevada (Nur PL), Terminal (Sepolno Kr. PL), Arena (Izbica Kujawska PL), Arena (Kokocko PL), Genesis (Zlotow PL), Paka (Mieleszyn PL), Ibiza (Dobrzyn on the Wisla PL), Ibiza (Lubicz PL), Ibiza (Koronowo PL), Event (Lubiewo PL), Vanila (Bydgoszcz PL), Viva (Wapno PL), Shamrock (Poznan PL), Tuba (Poznan PL), Malta (Wabrzezno PL), Crazy (Golebiewo PL), Artema (Swiedziebnia PL), Gok (Radomin PL), Reactor (Rynsk PL), Jimi (Konin PL), Vinci (Chelmza PL), Vip (Chelmza PL), Gottica (Torun PL), Solaris (Torun PL), Amnesia (Torun PL), Zamek (Nowe PL), Sfinx (Swiecie PL), Angels (Swiecie PL), Tiger (Swiecie PL), Sowa (Swiecie PL), Akme (Chelmno PL), Mefisto (Chelmno PL), Rywal (Unislaw PL), Merkury (Unislaw PL),
Underground Obsession - Radio Sudety (PL)(2010)
CW24-TV @ Wloclawek (PL)(2010)
Housemission @ Radio WeekendFM in Chojnice (PL)(2010)
Free Your Mind @ Patio TV in Lodz (PL)(2009)
DJ War @ Klub Paka in Mieleszyn (PL)(1st Palace)(2009)
Tournament for DJ's "Radio ESKA DJ's CUP " @ Klub Vanila in Bydgoszcz (1st Palace) (2008)
He played alongside such DJ's as:
Thomas Gold,Dave Ramone (Niemcy), Diabllo, Toxic Noiz,DJ KC (Krzystof Chochlow), INOX, Young Liberta, Paul Miller, Carrsten Hell, DJ Thin, Jay Bae, Fafaq, Mariodeejay, Pablo D-Vine, Ronald de Foe, MDK, Badflame, Arti, Pablo D-Vine, Marc, Matush and others.
Mixer - Pioneer DJM600
CDPlayer - Pioneer CDJ800mk2 + CDJ1000mk3
Headphones - Technics RP1200
The sum of played events:
Clubs & Other: 168
On TV: 2
On Radio: 3

DJ Salis on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/djsalis
Booking: djsalis@Onet.Eu & GG: 9128618

Echo Vacio (United Kingdom)

Echo Vacio is the brain child of up and coming dj/producers, Gary Byfield and Bryan Chapman. Since both winning a DJ competition back in January 2009 and playing an impromtu b2b set they have never looked back. Specialising acrosstall things tech house and techno they combine influences from all across the spectrum and draw inspiration from djs/producers such as Carl Cox, Umek, Fergie and Dubfire. Having dj'ed at venues such as Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Eden, The Honeyclub, Coalition and Audio they have been pleasing crowds and tearing dancefloors everywhere they go. The boys have been working hard in the studio to ensure that 2010 starts with a bang. The end of 2009 saw Echo Vacio secure releases on Stylus Recordings (Jenda) and Crazy Fly Recordings (Organ Donor). Jenda gained support from some of the top tech house prodcuers and djs including Kim Fai, Robert Owens, Funkagenda and Sonny Wharton and reached number one in the Juno Tech House Chart. Whereas Organ Donor managed to bridge the gap and draw support from both tech house and techno pioneers including Dubfire, Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox. Organ Donor secured plays in the Carl Cox global radio show and pathed the way for the first release of 2010. Signing their first EP on Spektre's Respekt Recordings, Heckle & Jyde and Paranoia has impacted the world of techno with supporters in the shape of Meat Katie, Eddie Halliwell, Bigger than Jesus, Marco Bailey, Filthy Rich, Slam, Erphun and once again Dubfire. Heckle & Jyde has hit the top 5 of the Track It Down Tech House chart and has enjoyed numerous plays on Eddie Halliwell's Fire It Up Radio Show. Pandora's Box has been snapped up to the Bigger Than Jesus label We Are Genius and was released in March, massive support from: Dubfire, Boys Noize, Fedde le Grand, Eddie Halliwell, Mr Henry Von, Slam, Oliver Lang, Loco & Jam, Alex Young, Tom Findlay, Roman Gertz, Matador and Piatto A highly anticipated remix of Meat Katie's brand new track "Only You" came out on LOT49 Records in April and support was gained from: Laurent Garnier, D-Nox, Plump DJ's, Tom Stephan, Freqnasty, Far Too loud, Lee Coombs, Jamie Stevens (Infusion), Circuit Freq, Mateo Murphy, MC Flipside, Elite Force, Matteo Esse, Richard Dinsdale, Dopamine, Peo De Pitte, Onionz, Audiojack, Mark Dynamix, Jesse Voorn, IDJ, Mixmag and Neural Magazine, Italy

MicRoCheep & Mollo (Romania)

MicRoCheep & Mollo is a romanian duo formed in the end of 2008 by two very good friends. They are based on Techno and Minimal styles made with passion and love... and this energy translates effortlessly to the dancefloor. After one year of learning together the producing secrets, they had their first release on Piso Records (UK) with their minimal track "Abre Los Ojos" which was released on a VA...and this was the beginnig of their career followed by great releases on big labels like Italo Business, N.O.I.A., Substudio, FHD, Kraft etc. Their first succes was with the track "Abstract Shell" released on Kaseta Music, which was played by Umek and charted by Sinisa Tamamovic. Another succesfull track was "Mommy Got Boobs" released On N.O.I.A. Records and was played and charted by Spartaque. Their biggest success was Orgasmic EP Part 2 which was released by Substudio Records with great remixes reaching top minimal on beatport (Fabrizio Pettorelli Remix no.4 and Matteo Poker Remix no.19). They promise to release only big tracks for future with more power and inspiration...
real name: Balau Ciprian
born date: 23.03.1992
city: Brasov
real name: Antal Robert
born date: 19.07.1991
city: Brasov

MicRoCheep & Mollo on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/molloro

Alex di Stefano (Italy)

Alex Di Stefano aka Alex Andiamo was born on the 2nd August 1977 in Italy. Producer in the discographic field since 14 years, at the age of 8 he began to take music lessons: thanks to them, few years later he realized that music would have been his greatest passion. His first approaches with the audience have been really positive, so that he received a great number of job proposals from various clubs of the Adriatic Coast. His live sets were impressive: the equipment he used was fascinating, but it was the technique with which he used his Keyboard - Sampler Asr10 that impressed the most. In 1994 the first single of Alex was published, its title was "DayDream - Thinkin' About You" and it had been created with the help of Luigi Peluzzo; this collaboration lasted four years. In 1995 he obtained a place for his own program ("Mix & Remix") in a local radio, and in the same time his second single "DayDream - Through The Night" was released. In 1996 finally his third single was published, under the names of "Alex D. & Luigi Peluzzo" instead of DayDream: the song was titled "Missed People". In1998 Alex moved to Rimini and he began to produce Techno-Trance tunes, as the well-known Hesperia Ep - Blue Waves, Shado - The Flute, Mizar Ep - Volcano, Mizar Ep II. In 2001 a new collaboration was born: Alex began to work with David B, the resident dj of Cocoricò in Riccione, a very famous disco in which even Alex performed. The two produced a tune titled "David B - Monitor". The next relevant works have been "The Brat - Animal Kingdom" and the rmx "Molella - The Sound Of My Dj (The Brat Mix)". In 2003 Alex began his adventure with E.Galli and L.Belloni at the Digital Team Studio. Alex immediately stood out, bringing the Dts Studio completely new sonorities by producing: Mentronik - Get Up The Rhythm, Mash - In Your Arms (with Claudio Lancini), K4 - Kiss Me, The Creatures vs Gotha - Believe In Yourself, VanNuys - Wonderful World, Starship - Movin', The Groovers - Play The Rhythm (Mash Rmx), 4U - The Rhythm Of Emotion, Mash - One Day, Noisegang - Rock It On, Skudo - Una Favola Che Vivrà, Moova - Goodbye (VanNuys Rmx), Chopper - I Wanna F*** You, Dj Rob vs Bar feat. Roxy - Come Together, Mash - Oak Island, Dj Rob feat. Roxy - Automatic Love, Novotono - Recuerdo De Passion (Dj Rob Rmx), Luca Belloni - Jumpin', Mash - Be My Girl (Alex Andiamo Mix).In 2008 Alex began his adventure with GIO MBG International at the 9Records.com. At the moment Alex is working on new projects and since many years he can be found at the Altromondo Studios disco in Rimini.

DJ Wojtala (Poland)

Wojtek Chojnicki aka DJ Wojtala born in Mragowo July 9, 1988
Ex Residents Korsze club Arena where it resided until the opening years of technical stage.
He started in the Pub Diablo-Mragowo which moved to the biggest club in the area which is the Sabat (Ryn).
He played in clubs such as:
Arena (Izbica Kujawska PL), Arena (Stradomno PL), Arena (Korsze PL), Arena (Wysoka PL), Genesis (Niszczewice, Zlotów), Omen (Plosnica), Ibiza (Gwizdziny), Artem (Swiedziebnia), Odyseja (Wilczeta), Witonia (Banderoza), Viva (Sopot), Mikstura (Ostroda), Kino (Plock), Life (Paslek). Rheingold (Dusseldorf DE), Prestige (Remscheid DE).
He also participated in events:
Omen Summer Event, Evolution of Sound, Just for Fun-Paslek.
He played with such as DJ's:
Diabllo, Yourant, DJ W, Carsten Hell, Hazel, Drum, Omen, Badflame, Locco Lovers, oshi,Steve X, Olaf van Crazy, Puls C, Fresh, Vuriouz, Cezar, Roomcajz, Marcu5,
Klaas, Mickey T, 4Strings.
Species in which he feels is the best Electro, Dutch, Tech House
Booking: +48 888 098 816

DJ Wojtala on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/djwojtala

Stante T. (Poland)

STANTE T. (Thomas Starzyk) is a DJ and producer of Wroclaw. Moves briskly between tech - house and techno ..em. Worked out his distinctive style freely combines the severity of live minimal techno, tech - house and techno ..em. He tries to avoid monotony and surprise, while consistently maintaining their own recognizable sound, where you can find a whole variety of different feelings in his productions. In the September issue of DJ Mag will find it on page 25, in the Future 4 Has had a number of ballot production. There are, among others the Beatporcie and many other digital music stores.

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DJ TSH (Germany)

TSH alias Thomas Stanislaw Homann was born in poland.
He already has made his first "Techno" experience with 13 years, enough time to learn and improve his own
style as a dj, you guess.
He make use of djing whenever the time give him this possibility, so he played in a lot of clubs like
HALLE 400 ( Kiel ), KIEZ Club hannover, Energieleitzentrale Bremen and some events should be missed:
USB XXI Event, Back to underground, Technolution, Electrolyze, INFINITY, Love Boat Event and many,
many more!His sound is straight technoid with influences by Schranz and very rough Techno. He love it to play it hard,
to make the people dance and scream and his experience in all that days confirm his engagement!In 2010 he's gonna started a live project with his friend Flo D! and nightbeats.de andtonfaktor.de,
you see he's not enter shallow water, the contrary: More Clubgigs, more liveexperience and some new
releases for all that partyguys will follow this year!take a look @ my myspace-proflie or :www.tonfaktor.de , www.nightbeats.de ,www.myspace.com/beatpropagandarecords
Quadrant-Recordings (France)
Manuel Turobin - Saraswati Puja (TSH Deepgroove Version)

DJ TSH on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/thomasstanislawhomann

Andrea Roma (Italy)

Andrea Roma DJ-Producer-Musician, started studying piano at the age of ten, realising his first compositions. However he has always been attracted by Dance music in general, ranging from the hardest electronic music to the sweet notes of Trance music; thanks to this passion he started playing as a disk jockey in many discotheques.

During the 2005 he starts playing in some of Rome’s most important clubs and he gains the Master Class Sound Engineering degree, he enters the professional discographic market. He begins to collaborate with many Italian and foreign labels, working both as an author and artist together with great international artists. In 2006 enters the Mystika Records staff, at first as dj/producer, an then as A&R and label manager. One year later he reaches the first achievements as a dj on the national level playing in various Italian clubs. In the summer of the same year he starts the “Delv & Debox” project taking the European market in aim, giving breathe to sounds from minimal to techno passing by electro and chill-out melodies, on foreign labels like Art Minimal Berlin. The 2007 closes with 8 ep released by Andrea Roma and many Remixes. In 2008 things get serious for Mystika Records as it become one of most important Italian labels, with many collaborations with great Italian artists.

European collaborations continue with the release of “Alkaline ep” on Noir Music (label producing artists like Deadmau5, Piemont, Noir, Patrick la Funk, Mark Mendes ecc.). The Ep achieves great results arriving in the first positions on Beatport Charts (Wolrd most important digital store) and he gains the support of great international djs like Mark Knight, audiojack, noir, and all of Ministry of Sound Staff. Start collaboration with international parties....

The 2009 will start great with a major new recognition at international level, winning the first position in the overall chart beatport with rmx of the hit "Deep Fear" on Vendetta Records...the same track will be included on Pacha Ibiza Winter Compilation... In the same year is born his new record label called Human Garden Music, a big project estabilished in London UK with Studios and Booking Agency in collaboration with many International Artists and agencies.
To be continued.

Andrea Roma on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/andrearomadj

Carl Roda (Spain)

Young producer and DJ, label manager 'RodaRecords' with high expectations on the scene, with projection, ambitious and constantly evolving. Madrid born in 1983 dedicated 100% to his great passion, electronic music, works daily in his productions from his studio and he can be seen performing on many clubs of the country and outside its borders. In 2003 won a DJ competition at national level I get to play at venues such as Pacha "London" or Ministry of Sound London.
With his own label 'Roda Records, represented mainly by himself and artists such Dario Nunez or Francesco Grant has walked several times into the top sales on beatport (page global leader in music downloads electronics).
Without forgetting the 1st Ref, 'Monkeyz', published in the prestigious French magazine 'Trax', being burn one of his tracks on the Sample CD (35,000 copies). Even by the 10th Ref and a long way to go, this young Label, is kicking hard. Carl Roda tracks were included in 2009 up from 12 Compilation known labels such as Vendetta (Blanco & Negro).
In addition to their production and projection of his label, Carl Roda is a DJ who knows how to move the dance floor. His groovy sets , provoke intense feelings. Always close to his audience, for complicity in every moment, with their dances and glances, making move not only the dj box, the entire room. With an extensive record, his sets ranging from House to Techno adapting at every moment to the preferences of their audience. He has shared the stage with many of the large halls in different countries, Spain, England, Germany, France, Brazil ...

Carl Roda on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/carlroda

Martijn ten Velden (United Kingdom)

Martijn ten Velden has established himself as a leading DJ/producer on an international level, playing his signature tech-house, minimal sets to crowds all over the world. He’s rocked legendary dance floors including Renaissance in London, MOS in London, Redlight in Paris, Peppermint in Dubai, Sirena and Green Valley in Brazil, Stereo in Montreal, Cielo in New York, Beta in Denver, Vanguard in LA, Fabrik in Madrid, Amnesia and Space in Ibiza, Chinese Laundry in Sydney, as well as Godskitchen, Sankeys, Shindig and many more..
And if you can’t find Martijn rocking the roofs off a nightclub, then you’ll find him in the studio, producing and remixing a string of today’s dance hits. Responsible for chart-toppers including “I Wish You Would” which became a huge anthem in Ibiza during Summer 2006 and 2007. Last summer his track 'Together' hit number 1 in the UK Buzz Chart, number 2 in the Musicweek Coolcuts, became a big anthem in Ibiza and got support from all the top jocks. Martijn’s 2008 remix on Defected Records, the Shapeshifters remake of Orbital’s classic anthem 'Chime' also became an anthem and rocked clubs worldwide. Other big remixes include Mason 'Exceeder', Heller & Farley 'Ultra Flava', Soul Central 'Strings of Life', Ferrer & Sydenham 'Sandcastles', Holmes St Ives '8 Letters', Fresh & Juicy 'Blow that Door', Astro 'Awake or Dreaming' and going back in time even more he remixed Miss Dynamite's first single 'Booo!', Natasha Beddingfield's first single 'Single', and the massive hit by DB Boulevard 'Point of View'.
Successful partnerships with Mark Knight for Toolroom Records, and Splittr, a collaboration with Mark Yardley from the Stanton Warriors, prove how innovative and evolving Martijn’s work can be. This has earned him the respect and support from jocks like Roger Sanchez, Deep Dish and Steve Lawler. So it comes as no surprise that Martijn was nominated for 'Best Artist' and 'Outstanding Remix' at 2006’s House Music Awards. In 2007 Martijn won the Award for 'Best International DJ' at the Danish Dance Music Awards. Miami Winter Music Conference 2008 also saw Martijn’s compilation ‘Toolroom Knights Vol 1’ on Toolroom Records up for nomination at the 2008 IDMA Awards, for ‘Best Compilation’ which was up against MOS The Annual and Ultra Dance 08 on Ultra Records.
Martijn now spends most of his time working on new solo productions and remixes, some very exciting new collaborations, as well as touring worldwide.
Look out for Martijn ten Velden at a venue near you!

Martijn ten Velden on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/martijntenvelden

D. Ramirez (United Kingdom)

D. Ramirez has achieved five top 20 hits, played on every continent and single handedly coined THAT electrohouse sound. He was awarded Best Remix and Best Producer in DJ Magazine’s 2007 awards and 2006 saw him knighted as a Player Of The Year in iDJ. His remix of Bodyrox ‘Yeah Yeah’ scored him an Ivor Novello nomination while past exploits such as ‘Columbian Soul’, ‘Time Fades Away’, ‘Pleasure Me’ and ‘La Discotek’ have all achieved coveted Coolcuts and Buzz chart hotspots, championed by some of the biggest DJs in the game. Deans even performed on Top Of Pops. 2008 saw his critically acclaimed Azuli Headliners album released, followed by 3 singles for the more underground house connoisseur.
Over the last few months Dean has been collaborating with Underworld, Matt Tolfrey, Mark Knight & Robert Owens creating several singles due for release this Summer, he's currently remixing Skunk Anansies'Twisted' and he's also revisited his Essential Tune of the Month, Max Linens 'Soulshaker' which is already being heralded as one of the most exciting tunes to hit Ibiza this summer. The future excitingly looms with 5 new singles, summer festival appearances, a month long tour in the USA and working with some of the dance industries most exciting luminaries.

D. Ramirez on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/dramirezmusic

Martin Maures (Poland)

Martin Maures travelled through almost every genre of electronic music, starting from Melodic/ Deep/ Progressive House and Trance, finishing on Minimal.
He found his own style, which is dominated by progressive vibes.
Martin doesn’t fit the rules what you can hear during his unpredictable sets!
He began his work on his New tunes what was honored by first successes and suport of bigroom DJ's.
You can listen to his show on AH.FM !

Abel Ramos (Spain)

When a house music legend like Roger Sanchez names his Breakthrough DJ/Producer of 2009, it’s time to sit up and take notice - meet Abel Ramos.
Born in February 1973 and raised in Madrid, Abel started DJing at a local club, aged just 15, playing anything that was synth-driven from Human League to Nitzer Ebb or Acid House.
It didn’t take long for Abel to establish himself as one of Spain’s most talented DJs, catching the ears of thousands along the way and winning awards such as Best National DJ from Spain’s answer to Mixmag, ‘Deejay Magazine’, gaining top gigs for the likes of Sensation, Rock In Rio, Global Gathering, and frequenting places as far afield as Australia. Abel has also established his SOLO event, which now attracts over 5000 people to the yearly show.
Not content with just playing the music of his heroes to local fans, Abel started producing music, which meant his sound could now reach audiences outside of the Spanish borders. It wasn’t long before Abel’s hard, techy beats were catching the attention of producers and labels throughout the world, including Swedish hotshot Axwell, who signed one of his first productions, ‘Rotterdam City of Love’ to his label, Axtone, after hearing the track being played in a club in Madrid. This track really opened up Abel’s sound to a generation of new producers: the groove just worked on the floor and everybody wanted a piece of the action.
Axwell was also instrumental in getting Abel’s remix of Fatboy Slim’s ‘Right Here, Right Now’ signed to Skint, as the Swedish House Mafia were playing it continuously in their sets. Soon label head of Skint, Dave Philpot, was being bombarded with requests to license the track and he requested a copy to play to Norman Cook, who liked it so much he decided to give it an official release.
Then when Abel didn’t think it was possible for things to get any better, an email arrived in his inbox from David Guetta, expressing how much he liked his work and asking him if he would be interested in remixing two of his tracks, ‘When Love Takes Over’ and ‘Sexy Bitch’. Both went on to sell thousands of copies around the world, making Abel one of the most in-demand remixers in the world.
Not content with setting dancefloors on fire with his DJing skills and productions, Abel also infects the radio waves, hosting a weekly radio program called Concept Music on one of Spain’s most popular radio stations, LocaFM.
2010 looks set to be a pretty good year for Abel Ramos. Following an intense year of remixing, he has finally found time in the studio to concentrate on new material. He’s also decided to launch his own label, With Love Music, with the help of Spinnin.. Records. Watch this space.
Abel continues to wow his peers, remixing Barbara Tucker for King Street Sounds, signing ‘House Nation’ to Robbie Rivera’s ‘Juicy’ label - which made it to No.7 on the DMC Buzz Chart - and Fantastic to Toolroom.
With all the above already to his name, like the S-Man predicted, Abel is more than capable of making it to the top.

Abel Ramos on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/abelramos

DJ Grave (Poland)


Phunk Investigation (Italy)

Neapolitan powerhouse production duo Phunk Investigation: While many may be familiar with their top tier production and remix work for super stars such as Danny Tenaglia, The Ones Flawless, George Michael, Boy George, Faithless, Their ultimate hits are "Get Up Stand Up'' by stellar project Essential Miami Tune - uk top 14 and france top 16 and 1 on billboard top 100 dance singles airplay. Labels: 1605, BluFin, Definitive, Toolroom, Sabotage, Sony UK, Warner, Data (UK), Positiva, Virgin, Ultra (USA), Pink Star........
Supported By The Best Dj's of Planet: Umek,Dubfire,Paco Osuna,Tocadisco,Mark Knight, Pan-Pot,Marco Bailey,Tomy Declerque,Mistress Barbara,Pete Tong, Roger Sanchez, Carl Cox, Tiesto........ Latest Prod & Remix: Dark Floor (1605) Paranoid EP (BluFin) Black Out EP (Sabotage) Acid Slider (Echoes) Tsunami (CutOff) Cradle Of Life (Black Hole) Rusted Box Mixed By Phunk Investigation - Double Mixed Cd, with the best name's of techno scene: Umek, Alan Fitzpatrick, Popof, D-Unity, Tomy Declerque........ Phunk Investigation Vs Alex Di Stefano - Warrior (1605) Hum Nah (Miniatures rec) Sensation White - Germany - Compilation (Ministry Of Sound) Insane Machine (Toolroom) Privilege Ibiza World Tour Compilation Pacha Ibiza Compilation Toolroom Ibiza Compilation Their bottom line push a 100% street up unique electronik and Techno set....

Phunk Investigations on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/phunkinvestigations

Dandi & Ugo (Italy)

The Dandi & Ugo duo is born from a strong friendship and a great passion for techno music.
It is their native land (Romagna) that takes them to frequent and, successively, perform in Rimini and Riccione's clubs in their most magic period (beginning of 90s).
After a decade of DJ sets in clubs such as, among others, Echoes Liz Club / Cocorico' / Pascia' / Ecu / Peter pan / Classic Club / Madame Butterfly, they decide to switch to production thus starting a new adventure that takes them to realize records, initially with prestigious Italian labels ( Re>>Vox records /  tereo Seven Plus Records ) and next european labels ( Lasergun / Great Stuff /  uxaFlex records / Artminimal Berlin / Sammeplantz / Immigrant ) with a big success with creations from artists such as Rchie Hawtin/Len Faki Mihalis Safras / Florian Meindl / Marc Houle / Gregor Tresher / Someone Else / Xpansul / John Aquaviva / Martin Eyerer / Butch / Mauro Picotto / Markantonio / Joseph Capriati / Claudio Coccoluto / and many others.
In 2006, together with Alessandro Piatto ( N.O.I.A / Klein & Mbo) they decide to open their own label.
This starts the birth of ITALO BUSINESS RECORDS, a project divided into 4 parts: vinyl, net label, digital download and booking agency.
The discovery of new artists worldwide, and the support of internationally known DJs, makes of this label a referring point for the Techno movement. "

Dandi & Ugo on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/djdandieugo

The Evading (Poland)

Mateusz Wlodarczyk "The Evading" (also known as Matvel) was born in 1986 in Bialystok.
From the earliest years electronic music became his obsession.
At first he prefer trance and harder styles like hardstyle, hard trance and hardcore.
His favourite artists are Joris Voorn, Gaiser, Trentemoller, Telefon Tel Aviv, Paul Kalkbrener, Bryan Kearney, Way Out West and many more.
Now he hasn't got favourite style, he can play everything from chillout to hard techno.
Over last several years Mateusz improved his dj skills.
In sets he always tries to suprise listeners and do something unexpected.

DJ Lucca (Czech Republic)

Relating to official previews 2009 is the year to become a very difficult one. Recession in europe? A world crisis in economy? Nobody really knows how to call it correctly like it will be. But one thing is for sure. Though people may expect the worst Lucie Kvasnicová, better known as Lucca by her fans, will expect a highlight in her career.
This tiny and beautiful woman from the czech republic has played and placed herself into the hearts of her fans throughout the last decade and received much respect from male collegues like Chris Liebing or even Carl Cox who still is one of her favourite turntablist in techno business. All of them estimate Lucca a lot and cherish her style and skills and give her the references a worldwide top-dj does need to have.
Lucca's approach towards the perfect sound has always been accompanied by authenticity and devotion. Firstly captured by the house sound by dj sneak Lucca afterwards seduced herself to the techno vibes from napoli. In this epoque Lucca started to be part in every line up of every essential event concerning this style and was given her own festival organised by her former agency Mersey. As a conclusion she performed at "Live @ Hradhouse 2005" a unique concert which was also released on dvd showing this wonderful location placed in the castle of Boskovica and Lucca as the headliner. But she did not stop changing and created her own sound - the Sound Of Acapulco.
More than five years ago in 2003 it was time for Lucca to launch her own label named Acapulco Records. This move has been considered one of the most important actions for the techno scene among the czech republic which was still developing at this point of time. Releases of Acapulco became the synonym for progressing czech techno and were mentioned in many playlists and dj charts. The relaunch of her label now called Sound Of Acapulco could not knock down her acceptance and did show her skills concerning musical visionary even in a brighter light.
Currently this bright light is being transmitted by her debut album "Reformation" which mirrors Lucca's personal trip through life. It is purely a big exhibition of her personal taste of music and a common production with the german producer Tobias Fiedler. As a special appearance even the famous czech musician Michal Pavlicek provides his guitar riffs on her longplayer. "Reformation" does not only reflect her current life concerning music. "Reformation does sound a little bit like revolution but it is not. Me for myself it sounds slightly to aggressive", Lucca claims in an interview. Moreover her album has been built around the experiences she faced the recent years while travelling and now is the djane's v-card. "Reformation" not just includes her former hit single "Body Dance" it is also packed with twelve new stunning tracks e.g. "Quantum" her personal favourits „Hundertwasser“, „Teleport“ und „Noise Town“ as she says. But Lucca would not be satisfied with her engagement for music if she would not plan to start a new longplayer production starting within the next year. This woman is simply restless.
Meanwhile Lucca is a resident guest in music magazins and an appreciated partner concerning endorsement deals. She recently has been the face of well known manufacturer American Audio and cover act of Raveline Germany's leading magazin for electronic music. She also did a highly acclaimed special mix for this particular issue which was downloaded many many times and shows her well timed presence and knowledge of music if needed. For this reason she once again has been elected "DJ Of The Year" in the Czech Dance Music Awards and still does host her own radio show on Paul van Dyk's Vonyc Radio since may 2008.

DJ Lucca on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/djlucca

Angelo Mike (Poland)

Jarek Czechowski known as Angelo Mike, for years has been a synonym of music quality and commitment to the club scene.
Winning titles of the Best DJ in Poland and other awards in electronic music, for many years he provides us with wonderful music experiences not only as a DJ, but also as a promoter. He was responsible for bringing for the first time to Poland most of the leading world's club scene artists and a well-known events such as Sensation White.
Now he is focused mainly on producing his own music, which lately has been released by Sentence Records.
Recently, he's also presented his own radio broadcasts. "Connect with Angelo Mike" can be heard every week on the radio Planeta FM (Poland), and the second show, "Sentence Sessions" aired on international Frisky Radio.
"I play for people and only for theirs sake..."
It takes years for true professionals to build their names, because even the  greatest of successes is all the more reason for them to continue evolving. Angelo Mike is exactly such a professional, and the idea of resting on his laurels has never even crossed his mind. Nonetheless, being a professional in every sense of the word alone in the job of a DJ and producer is only half of what's needed most - the rest is talent, which lures crowds to follow their beloved artist.
Mother, wife and lover
We're thinking about music here, and it was love to music which turned Jarek Czechowski into Angelo Mike and to this day strengthens his prodigy. "It's easy to relish success, give into hedonism, forget about the most important principles. Music is the reason why I'm at this point, still drawing joy from working. It constantly reminds me of why I got onto this road in the first place", says Angelo Mike. And what has his choice meant? A dozen or so years of getting into DJ booths to give the crowd a piece of himself, so people can feel drawn into the story he's got to tell. During his gigs, the division between artist and fans is nonexistent. There's one perfectly harmonious whole supported by an amazing diversity of electronic music. Music, which makes every hour and every minute of the night an unforgettable experience.
From Southern Poland...
Everything started in his hometown Nowy Sacz, where Jarek organized his first parties. If success were easily countable, it could be represented by the comparison of the amounts of people attracted to his ventures - a dozen or so in the early days and thousands at events like the Polish edition of Sensation White. But lots of other things had to happen in the meantime to make such success possible. One of the most important steps was the move to Warsaw, which is where he celebrated winning the title of the Best Polish DJ in 'Laif' magazine reader's poll. He ended up winning 4 years in a row, but it needs to be stressed clearly that he earned each and every vote by playing in every part of the country with almost every big name in the international electronic scene. It was difficult to imagine a significant event without him at the time. Today, his place at the top of the scene lets him carefully choose where and when he spins, because he prefers places where he can be sure that the music profile and technical equipment will let him show his artistry in its entirety.
...to Chicago
Polish DJs rarely go abroad to perform. This doesn't hold for respected producers of course, because they are a highly valued commodity in all four corners of the globe. Jarek is still working on his success story production-wise, but he's already got his fair share of rich experiences from his journeys to other countries. He was the first Pole to ever perform at Mayday in Dortmund. He played at Creamfields in Prague and German festivals like Soundtropolis, Nature One, House of Summer and Love Parade to name but a few. He also played twice on the biggest festival in Ireland - Planet Love. Multiple gigs in London, Dublin, Germany, Russia, Malta, Slovakia or Czech Republic have gained him fans far beyond the Polish backyard. We're also talking about the USA here, as Jarek performed at Congress Theatre together with ATB. Furthermore he rocked the dancefloor of Chicago's club Vision twice so far, lately during Poland Calling tour promoting his last compilation under the same name.
The next step
Organising the aforementioned Polish edition of the world's most spectacular dance event, Sensation White, is also an important aspect of Jarek's life. Instead of passively observing the many faults, errors and shortcomings that so thoroughly plague his country's clublife, he decided to take matters into his hands. This is how the booking agency Sentence and the event agency Essence Music came into being. The first one focuses on professional management and promotion of talented artists, while Essence Music organized huge parties in Wroclaw and Poznan. They were responsible for booking such names as Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, ATB, Above & Beyond and Tiëst (twice!). The second edition of Polish Sensation White also took placed with Jarek's involvement, which is the best possible proof of how the biggest promoters on the planet trust the agency.
At the moment Jarek Czechowski is a founding father of compilation project named POLAND CALLING including electronic music tracks of Polish artists only. It's the first and unique in its kind compilation released in Poland. Jarek included on compilation his debut productions, the fruits of many hours spent in his studio. These tracks are manly progressive with a bit of minimal and tech house vibes. He was inspired by emotions accompanying him during years of djing. It's amazing in how ideal way he encompassed in melody everything what he wanted to express. Every fan of club music should listen to it.
Recently, he's also presented his own radio broadcasts. "Connect with Angelo Mike" can be heard every week on the radio Planeta FM (Poland), and the second show, "Sentence Sessions" aired on international Frisky Radio.
"Every single success opens the door to another one. I can't and I don't want to stop. I'm working with people who I deeply value. I'm working for people that make me exist" - Angelo Mike -
Best Polish DJ 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
PLAYED: Sensation White, Mayday, Nature One, Creamfields,Love Parade, Lovebase, Planetlove, Soundtropolis, Audioriver, Electrocity, Coke Life Music Festival, PVD's In Between Tour, Tiesto EOL Tour, Machac Fest, Marco V's Combination Tour, Tiesto CEE Tour, Luxor Grounds...       

Angelo Mike on My Space: www.myspace.com/angelomikemusic

Ann D (Poland)

Ania /1987/The style that fits her copmletly is progressive house, tech house, minimal and techno ! Nowadays she is working with wclub.pl portal, dj-booking agency, ftb.pl. Ania is also organizer performances with various Djs in club Numer01 /Poland/ In 2009 Ania was guest in very popular event in Poland, Electrocity, on a red tent stage. Through many achievements of her it's hard to omit her 2nd place in a Poland DJ's Contest 2007.

Ann D on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/djannd

Robert Babicz (Germany)

With a music career already spanning nearly two decades, comprising four albums and multiple singles, some could think that Robert Babicz would be ready to settle down for a quiet life, however, nothing could be further from the truth. With his fourth full length due to drop in March 2010 on Systematic Recordings, Robert Babicz continues to reveal his talent and skill as one of Europe’s most essential techno producers.
Straight out of Cologne in 1993, under the pseudonym Rob Acid, Babicz released his first single Happy Answer on London Records, which unexpectedly became a huge club hit. With the rise of acid house influenced records dominating the charts, Babicz was able to ride high on this new wave of club culture. In addition to becoming an in demand live performer using one of his other names, Acid Warrior, Babicz started to release singles on high profile imprints like Kompakt, Treibstoff and Steve Bug’s Audiomatique, as well as his own label, Junkfood.
In what Rob appropriately dubs “the rave years” in the mid-nineties, he was already playing all over the world. During this time Babicz teamed up with Mate Galic and psychedelic sonic experiences of every kind followed, which as Rob himself sums up perfectly came as a result of “excessive sound-research and absurd parties… transistor radio and porn films on big screen”. His affiliation with Force Inc a few years later brought a series of more experimental, less dancefloor-orientated works which suggested his theoretical musique concrete roots.
By the turn of the new millennium, Babicz was striving for a different sound and thus began a new label, Shortcut. At the same time, he received multiple requests for sound design from hard and software producers, most notably resulting in the presets he produced for Native Instruments. In 2007 Robert released his landmark record, A Cheerful Temper on Systematic Recordings, which expertly moves between electronica, techno, minimal and classic house.
Playing ‘live’ has always been a key feature of Babicz’s authentic musicianship; improvising instead of reeling off pre-determined sets has made his celebrated shows unquestionably unique events. He consistently delivers astonishing performances of his own productions built around warm melodies, blissed atmospherics & analogue bass - sometimes jacking, but mostly tripping and always around the foundations of his first love: techno. Consequently, Babicz has more than proven his worth in the world of dance music and his right to the title of pioneer and innovator, whether producing tech house, minimal or acid techno. With the release of Immortal Changes in early 2010, described by DJ Mag as a “marriage of organic groove and glistening electronic melodies” it is clear that Robert Babicz still has much more to give…

Robeert Babicz on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/robertbabicz

16 October 2010

DJ Sean (Poland)

Dj Sean Aka Squuezer of Tears was born in 9th of July in 1987 in Poland.In his radioshow you can listen many beatiful sounds from progressive house.His favourite producers are:Aereon Aether,Mango,Shingo Nakamura,Dinka,Atlantic Ocean,Cleas Rosen,Blue Tente and Chris Reece.He is making his radioshow only on equipment:Numark 5000 fx and Denon's 1000s.He played in many clubs in Poland for example:Tango and Cash,3 Arts,Chocolate and Estara.In his short carrier he had a radioshow @ Sense.Fm,Soundempire.net and now he have got radioshow on Pure.Fm(exlusive) and Houseradio.pl(the best radio not commercial in Poland with house music).He has got twelve place on the most popular about electronic music in Poland -http://www.topdj.pl/index.php?modul=biografia&akcja=pokaz&id=1583. He give once per month his exlusive mix to the topdj.pl he also start his producer carrier and he would like to release his projects.

DJ Milek (Poland)


DJ Milek - he livinh in Dobroszyce in Poland, has always been interested in trance music. She has already more than a dozen appearances at radio sites. His sets have good voices in which each can be carried away by the music.

Christian Weber (Germany)


Christian Weber verbindet in seiner Musik und als DJ verschiedenste Styles zu einem Ganzen. Er vereint authentisch in seiner Person die verschiedensten Projekte und Aktivitaeten und gehoert so zu den erfolgreichsten, eigenwilligsten und vielseitigsten Vertretern seiner Zunft. Durch die Musik der Siebziger und Achtziger wie Disco, Rock, Funk und House gepraegt, wurde schon in frueher Kindheit sein Interesse an elektronischer Musik geweckt und somit begann schliesslich 1989 seine DJ-Karriere in Hamburg. Immer wieder durch neue musikalische Trends beeinflusst, entwickelte sich nach und nach sein einzigartiger Stil, den er seit 1996 in seinen eigenen Produktionen vereint. 1999 landete er unter Mellow Trax mit „Phuture Vibes“ den Techno-Hit des Jahres und festigte sein Standing mit weiteren Hits wie „Mystery in Space“, „Outa Space“ und seinem Album „Techno Vibes“. Im Jahre 2000 wurde er dafuer als erster Act mit dem German Dance Award ausgezeichnet. Neben seinen unzaehligen Remixen fuer namhafte Kuenstler, wie z.B. Schiller oder Camouflage, agierte er unter anderem als ein Part der „Trance Allstars“ und unterstrich mit seinen Mixen seine Vielseitigkeit, die er als Mellow Trax in den darauf folgenden Jahren erneut unter Beweis stellte – er veroeffentlichte 2004 nach intensiver Studioarbeit seinen Longplayer „How 2 Rock“. Seit 2007 beschreitet er nun neue Wege und beschallt mit seinem frischen und unverwechselbaren Sound die Clubs der Welt.

Christian Weber on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/djchristianweber

DJ Tomala (Poland)


DJ Tomala - his real name is Tomasz Ryman, he was born in 1989, in a town called Poddebice (Poland).
He first noticed electronic music in 2004 when he heard “Amsterdam Dance Mission” (Manieczki PL) and “Sunrise Festival” (Kolobrzeg PL).
He started his first steps in making music in 2008 by learning to use professional applications and programs for DJ’s and recording audicions “Trance Mix by Tomala”.
He is fascinated music by Aly & Fila, Soundlift , Redstar, Jorn van Deynhoven, Paul Miller, Activa and many more Trance Representatives.
In 2010 Tomala starts with new mixes.
His favourites auditions are “Future Sound of Egypt” and “Solar Power Sessions”.

Jonas Stenberg (Sweden)

A classically trained musician since childhood, Jonas Stenberg moved on to compose EDM in the late 90's.
After years of shaping his sound, Jonas became a resident on Marcel Woods' acclaimed Musical Madness imprint. Dark energy, powerful synthlines and percussive drive form three essential track elements.
In the DJ Mag top 100 feature, Jonas was named twice as the breakthrough DJ/Producer for 2009 (by Rank 1 and Marcel Woods).
Recent releases include singles and remixes on High Contrast, Spinnin' and Ultra Records. For 2010, about ten releases are planned already: With remixes for Rank 1 vs Jochen Miller and Tiesto, collaborations with W&W, Artento Divini and Dave Schiemann, and solo tracks on Spinnin' and Musical Madness to name some of them, you need to stay closely tuned not to miss the accelerating pace of Jonas' career.
Currently, he works part-time as a sales engineer for detection systems used in cancer research, while the rest of his time is devoted to music.
As he is always on the lookout for new sounds and tune approaches, we have only seen the tip of Stenberg's musical iceberg...
Read on for his upcoming show dates and releases, and the verdicts on some of his releases.

Jonas Stenberg: http://www.myspace.com/jonasstenberg

Andrew Bennett (Germany)


Andrew Bennett is one of the most talked about up-and-coming artists on the dance scene at the moment. Over the past two years he has released various tracks and remixes, which have received world wide recognition and praise. But Andrew Bennett is anything but a newcomer on the scene: he has been spinning the decks since 1996, he is a resident DJ at the acclaimed “Trance Nation” events and has secured regular DJ slots both in and outside of Germany, like in world-renowned clubs as “Space” on Ibiza as well at the biggest events and festivals.
But it was years later when Andrew Bennett began to produce his own tracks. And just one party changed his whole life: In the autumn of 2004 he was at a event, where Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz stood at the decks. Andrew went over to them and slipped a CD in their hands with a track he had produced. The next day his phone rang: Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz were on the other end of the line and were both enthusiastic by what they had heard. And they licensed Andrew’s track “Ocean Drive” on the legendary record label “Armada Music.”
Shortly after that Andrew Bennett produced the single "Language" with two other producers under the project name “Hammer & Bennett” – this track was immediately snapped up by Armada Music, too. Only a little while after its release, the track turned into a massive club hit and DJs such as Paul van Dyk, Tiesto and Gabriel & Dresden gave this track big support for months on end.
Andrew Bennett is now a DJ and producer in demand in the dance scene and also a prominent remixer: he has reworked Armin van Buuren’s track “Shivers,” Prince Quick Mix aka PQM’s track “Over The Edge,” the massive hit “Your Loving Arms” sung by Karen Overton, “Waiting” by Leama & Moor feat. Jan Johnston and “Faith In Love” for the Flash Brothers feat. Tiff Lacey – just to name a few of his numerous brilliant remixes.
Andrew’s main focus lies in producing of his own tracks. Working together with the legendary producer M.I.K.E. they have put together a mixture of singles – for example “Into The Danger”, which sparked up huge interest. Combined with Rico Soarez (aka Probspot) he produced the single “Light Of Hope” which, with a remix by Jody Wisternoff (“Way Out West”), appeared on Electronic Elements. Further successful solo singles followed such as “Menar” and also “Heaven Sent” (with vocals from Kirsty Hawkshaw). In late 2008 Andrew's collaboration with swiss superstar Tatana, released on Sirup Music, hits straight to no.1 of the Beatport Trance Charts and stayed there for a few weeks.
Andrew Bennett is seen as maybe one of the biggest insider’s secret on the dance scene by his fellow DJ colleagues, the press and by dance fans all around the world. He has already received massive recognition and plays regularly world wide. The output of his work is extremely high, but the quality of his work always remains exceptional. Armin Van Buuren is certainly not alone in saying “This guy is definitely someone to watch!”

Andrew Bennett on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/andrewbennett1

DJ Grëco (Poland)



Kaczy aka DJ Matti (Poland)


Mateusz Kaczmarczyk (Kaczy aka DJ Matti) born 07.03.1987r. in Braniewo in Poland.
Preferred music genres: Electro House, House, Dance and Trance.

Became interested in music since 2000.
First steps playing on birthdays and school discos with programmers for mixing music under the pseudonym of DJ Kaczy.
Since 2008, he began to create their own DJ Sets on commercial music tracks playing Electro House.
He has played in such cities as:
Orneta PL, Lidzbark Warminski PL, Braniewo PL, Olsztyn PL, Lomza PL.
At the beginning of 2010 he began working with DJ K'Reeves, which continues today.
Currently playing in the Czech Radio Ipip under the pseudonym of Kaczy aka DJ Matti.

Mark Khoen (Italy)


Mark Khoen is a great lover of Trance Music.
Start very young to take an interest for Electronic music.
From 1995 to 2002 Mark is dedicated exclusively to the work of dj with great passion and results.
Meanwhile Mark is interested to the world of productions of music Techno/Trance.
In 2007, the passion becomes work, and Mark starts to produce seriously.
The first releases were in 2008. Some titles: "Come On", "Infinity" ...
From two years Mark collaborates with many artists and labels from around the world.
Now Mark is very motivated in the production and hopes to find more people who like his music.

Mark Khoen on My Space: www.myspace.com/markkhoen

Oen Bearen (Poland)


Powerful teenager infecting you with fresh, trancy drive!
Adrian, comming from Slupsk in poland, has great plans about his own future, which he examines really carefully.
Bit shy beginning turned out to be more self-confident look on the world. He beloved trance because of his uncle, who has actually tranced him. Today, he couldn’t live without music. As mentioned earlier, first steps of music career, were made very hesitant, while releasing No Leaf Clover and Solitude in Actuate Recordings. Later on, his career began to gather momentum. Remix for Ex-Driver, has achieved first place in Top Trance Sales in shop trackitdown.net. In the meantime, Oen produces more… and more music.
Ajoyable released in 2008 in Stampgevaar Digital Label, was honored by Ferry Corsten’s support, which actually was a big shock for such young, beginner artist. In exact the same time – Adrian began playing his monthly radioshows on Sense.FM and Trance.FM called “Soundbreeze” and “Sensual Sessions.
They actually raise constantly the number of listeners and fans. However, the biggest booom was just about to come. 2009 was the biggest breakdown for that guy with big smile on his face. Somethin about 20 remixes, were supported by Ferry Corsten, Roger Shah, Pedro Del Mar, Manuel Le Saux, Sebastian Brandt, Fast Distance, and that indicated natural fact – Oen shaked the TranceWorld.
Released in that year: Unexpected Love, HopeCloud, Souriez and Feelings Shore, showed his first talent shines. His steps were just like banging – because of guys helpin him – Nivaya, TB or TrancEye – with the last one, he made a great collaboration! In 2009 they released “Kinesis” together, which has become outstanding remixpack: Mark Naden, Cylum & Velden, Ex-Driver! That tune has showed up on many prestigious Trance Compilations, and was supported by the major names on the trance scene.
2010 is awesome for Oen. Many releases with TrancEye: Bushido, Phantasmagoria, Masuo, supported mainly by: Pedro Del Mar, Roger Shah, Aly & Fila! His own work: “Unadulterated”, reviewed largely in DJMag magazine, was remixed by Airborne Angel and Mario Ayuda & Chris Callado, hooked up Pedro Del Mar and Marco V, Ferry Corsten, Rank1's attention!
Oen is silent.
This silence is silence before storm.

Arctic Moon (Poland)


Arctic Moon - his real name Thomas Popielarski is a young producer from Poland. He was born in 1988 in Stettin. He has been interested in electronic music which fascinated him with its diversity and emotions since childhood. He started his first steps in making music in 2004 by learning to use professional applications for producers and gaining musical experience. At the turn of 2005 - 2007 his style underwent many changes and modifications. First projects presented many different styles of music from dance, house to trance and hard trance. At the beginning of 2007, Thomas decided to stick with one style of music that was closest to his heart - it was Trance. For this purpose, he created a project called Arctic Moon, which fully reflects his nature. It characterizes with trancy sounds and uplifting melodies. Significant impact on Arctic Moon’s work have different kinds of music. In his tracks, he is trying to include elements of classical music, new age, chill out and even rock.
The first single released in 2008 was "Cold Planet". The song was appreciated by Tiesto, Above & Beyond, MIKE, Solarstone and many other djs, who played it in their sets. Track was also included on compilations such as Mellomania Vol 13 and Techno Club vol 26. The success of the first single was motivation for the creation of another production called "Overnight", which appeared in 2008 in a Dutch label Cloud 9 Music. The next single released on the same label in 2009 was "On Silver Wings" produced together with Polish duo Truewave. Track received support from Armin Van Buuren who played it in his show A State of Trance. Another good thing was the presence on the prestigious compilations like Trancemaster 6005 and A State Of Trance Radio Top 15.
At the beginning of 2009 Thomas together with Mike Wind created Emphase Recordings which is part of Timeline Music. At the end of 2009 he released his single there called "Afterworld" which was played by DJs such as Markus Schulz, Rank 1, Sean Tyas and 2 times by Armin Van Buuren in his radio show, where was announced Future Favorite. It was also featured on the compilation A State Of Trance Radio Top 15 - January 2010.
Currently, Thomas is working on new productions and remixes, which should appear in the near future. One of the tracks for 2010 is "True Romance". It was released in Armada’s sublabel - FSOE Recordings, managed by Aly & Fila. It was chosen the Tune Of The Week by Armin Van Buuren in his ASOT radio show it also appeared on 1st place in his beatport May top 10. You can also find it on compilations like A State Of Trance Radio Top 15 June 2010 and July 2010, Armada Trance 9, Ibiza Trance Tunes 2010 and many more.
Despite spending every free time on production he is also trying to dedicate as much as he can for djing. You can listen to his new show called Emphase Selection hosted together with Mike Wind at afterhours.fm. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month 23:00-01:00 CET you will hear new tracks signed to Emphase Recordings and other top tunes.
Arctic Moon's tracks have been supported by: Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Aly & Fila, Rank1, Richard Durand, Sean Tyas, W&W, Talla 2XLC, Dj Shah, Pedro Del Mar, M.I.K.E., Ernesto vs. Bastian, Signum, Activa, Daniel Kandi, Solarstone, Niklas Harding, Mark Pledger, Stoneface and Terminal, Manuel Le Saux, Sebastian Brandt, Onova, Tom Colontonio, Akesson and many more.

Arctic Moon on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/arcticmoonmusic