17 October 2010

DJ K'Reeves (Poland/Austria)

Rafal Kosieradzki aka DJ K'Reeves was born in Lomza in Poland.
The journey began with music from an early age. Unlike most of his peers, taste for such genres as Techno, Acid Trance, Goa Trance but was never closed to other types of music.

When he started going to school view DJ impressed him so much that he decided to pursue this would take a similar position.

The beginnings were difficult but he managed to through a friend's birthday party, after which spread the news about a man who puts people in seats to dance. In this way, he was given the opportunity to indulge in more forces school event, where he passed the exam and was frequently invited guest at school partys.
With time and a friend decided to open a radio housing estates, which were trained and showed others their skills. Soon the radio was spotted by a different radio stations (Radio Lomza 88.8 Mhz). He had the opportunity to instantly broadcast Friday evening, and thus became a recognizable person in the Lomza area.
His first start in the club had 15 years of age through the organization by Lomza Brewery  Championships DJs, which took place in the biggest club Atom Lomza, where under the Ralph K. pseudoniomem took 2nd place.

2 position gave him entry to many clubs in Lomza, and surrounding towns where the age of 18 he played such species as Electro House, Dance, R'n'B and Hip-Hop sometimes.

The situation changed radically after meeting a person who changed his views on the Trance music and its variations. A love that was born to this music opened to him a completely new stage in life. It is this music has mobilized it to obtain a license the DJ, who was awarded in October 2005.

A new image has changed so require changes to existing pseudonym of Ralph K. on DJ K'Reeves and changed the place of residence and moved to a bigger city Bialystok. Unfortunately the location does not gave him an opportunity to play his music, because most clubs have been directed to the commercial music you played before. For this reason, it can be heard only a few times in Bialystok clubs as a guest, and after about 6 months, ceased to play in clubs.

In order not to lose the forms returned to play on the radio sites, which this time brought more satisfaction because the music Trance attracted a huge number of listeners. In a short time began to be noticeable DJ in the online world.
During this period, very much deepened their knowledge about Trance and also became interested in minimalist music, which soon also began playing on the radio and also met with high approval from the audience. The period as he himself called 'website promotion' lasted about 1.5 years. After this period, he began to use the proposed guest trips to Poland and Europe, which brought him enormous advantages, because he played in many clubs.

At the moment approximately one year living in Austria and as a DJ is her representative. As of today continue to maintain contact with radios to provide internet and on the web. In constant contact at the Austrian club life as well as radio stations.

Coming soon is his time to the production of their own tracks.

At this time, due to its 5 years anniversary as a DJ, is organizing a big event to be held in the form of radio broadcasts on 28-31.10.2010. Event called "B-Day Party: 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves" will bring together a group of 61 DJs from 14 countries, where each of them will present a 60 minute demonstration of their skills from the world of Trance and Minimal, which will be issued in the 6 radios sites with Polish, of Netherlands and Germany.

Additional information:

Amnesia Maxx (Lomza PL), Atom (Lomza PL), Yam Caffe (Lomza PL), Metro (Lomza PL), Forteca (Piotnica PL), Kair (Zambrow PL), Aquarium (Zambrow PL), Coloseum (Ostoleka PL), X-Club (Myszyniec PL), Swiss (Suwalki PL), Labirynt (Suwalki PL), Euforia (Olsztyn PL), Gwint (Bialystok PL), M7 (Bialystok PL), MusikPark A1 (Bialystok PL), Wall Street (Bialystok PL), Heaven (Bialystok PL), Escapada (Bialystok PL), Vip (Bialystok PL), Alibi (Bialystok PL), Euforia (Pietkowo PL), Amboseli (Poznan PL), Oiom (Lodz PL), Piekarnia (Warszawa PL), Luzztro (Warszawa PL), Alibi (Wroclaw PL), Chillout (Kielce PL), Casanova (Ciche PL), Genesis (Zakopane PL), Dragon (Czarny Dunajec PL), ADHD (Nowy Targ PL), Broadway Club (Reykjavik IS), White House (London GB), Carre (Brussel B), Paradogs (Prague CZ), Mambo (Reims FR), Hechelei (Bielefeld D), Phoenix (Hannover D), Tunnel (Hamburg D), Pflaumenbaum (Stuttgard D), Pulvertum (Monachium D), Barracuda (Nitra SLK), Cirkus Barok (Bratislava SLK), Notausgang (Vienna AUS), Utopia (Vienna AUS), Johann Strauss Schiff (Vienna AUS), Orange (Vienna AUS), Allin (Vienna AUS), Goodman (Vienna AUS), Passage (Vienna AUS), Volksgarten (Vienna AUS), Prater Dome (Vienna AUS), Sansibar (Vienna AUS), Till Eulenspiegel (Neulengbach AUS), Nachtschicht (St. Pölten AUS), Sega (Salzburg AUS), Cave (Salzburg AUS)

Escape To Freedom (Nowogrod PL, 2005)
Escape After Party (Lomza PL, 2005)
Lomzynskie Juwenalia (Lomza PL, 2007)
Lomza Beer Festival (Lomza PL, 2008)

www.di.fm (Guest Mixex)
www.trance.fm (B-Day Party 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves)
www.clubbers.fm  (The Best Of Classic Trance); (Global Trance Emotions)
www.eradio-one.de (B-Day Party 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves)
www.minimal-radio.com (B-Day Party 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves)
www.4clubbers.fm (Guest Performance)
www.4clubbers.com.pl (Guest Performance)
www.radioftb.net (Guest Performance)
www.radio-efora.tk (World of Minimal)
www.radiotuba.org (B-Day Party 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves)
www.radioaz.fm (B-Day Party 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves)
www.djslomza.fm (In The Mix)

Radio Lomza (88.8Mhz PL) (Music Turbulence)
Radio ESKA (88.8Mhz PL) (Music Turbulence)
Radio Energy (104.2Mhz AUS) (Guest Performance)
Radio Kronehit (105.8Mhz AUS) (Broadcast Live from the Club Prater Dome)

Orjan Nilsen, Dervish, Finesee, Neevald, Ilya Soloviev, Simmon Patterson, Marcus Schossow, Manuel Le Saux, Digital Nature, Marco Santozo, Brooklyn Bounce, Master Blaster, Bas Van Venn, Diana d'Rouze, Jonson, Kris, Angelo Mike, Tiddy, DJ Tales, C-Bool, DJ Dimitri, DJ RodLive, Rod Peterssen, Sean Tyas, Lady Waks, DJ Puffy, Levy, Mike Wind, Anya & Vivka, San, Carlo Calabro, Conrad S, East Clubbers, Carla Roca, Ron van den Beuken, Infinity, E-Craig and more.

Next DJ, Re-Ward, Leon Bolier, Manuel le Saux, Cristian Varela, Sebastian S., Dusty Kid, Echo Vacio, MicRoCheep & Mollo, Alex di Stefano, Stante T., Andrea Roma, Martijn ten Velden, D. Ramirez, Abel Ramos, Phunk Investigation, Dandi & Ugo, DJ Lucca, Angelo Mike, Ann D, Robert Babicz, Christian Weber, Jonas Stenberg, Andrew Bennett, Mark Khoen, Arctic Moon, Matt Darey, Vadim Soloviev, First State, Toxic Noiz, Bluefire, Paul Ercossa, DJ Solano, Arisen Flame, Paul Vinitsky, Galan Behr, Mark Sixma (M6), Bart Claessen, Krzysztof Chochlow, Marcel Woods, Joe B. & Sabas, Kris O'Neil and many more.

Techno Minimal, Minimal, Tech House, Deep House, Dutch House, Trance, Progressive Trance, Vocal Trance, Uplifting Trance, Tech Trance


Mail: djkreeves@wp.pl
GG: 24276821

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