21 October 2010

Thank You For Your Help

We did it! Event ready! That's all for the moment has been prepared, was carried out with the help of many people and here I would like to thank for that!

At the outset, let me start by Dagmara "Daggie" Pozywio. It is through it all took off in accordance with the deadline!

Many thanks to Adrian Lubinski and Pawel Jaworski for assistance in obtaining licenses for radio broadcasts on Radio Tuba and TranceFM.

Next, I would like to thank Jacob Roksinski and again Adrian Lubinskiemu for their help in inviting guests, who will be hosting a event!

Further thanks go to Kevin Kaminski, MikoĊ‚aj Gnap and Emil Oleszak for help from the graphic. With your help and the trailer was a poster.

The biggest thanks go to Sylvia and the entire community served, who kept our fingers crossed that the whole event was organized in its entirety and without any obstacles.

I would also like to thank everyone DJ's that his presence at the event make it a worthy event, and is the highest level. In the same place I also thank every managers who helped me with this.

Many thanks to all the patrons who advertise the event on their websites, and especially for the main patron of The Breeze Agency, which allowed access to the radio as well TranceFM organized the largest number of DJ's in hosting the event.

And most importantly thanks for all radios of the administrators, who have provided airtime specially for this occasion. Without your approval there would be no question of any event.

Thank you once again to you and all who want the best. It is thanks to you "B-Day Party - 5 Years of DJ K'Reeves" enters into force with effect from 28.10. I bow down to each individual.

Best regards and expression of respect
Rafal Kosieradzki
DJ K'Reeves

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