16 October 2010

DJ Sean (Poland)

Dj Sean Aka Squuezer of Tears was born in 9th of July in 1987 in Poland.In his radioshow you can listen many beatiful sounds from progressive house.His favourite producers are:Aereon Aether,Mango,Shingo Nakamura,Dinka,Atlantic Ocean,Cleas Rosen,Blue Tente and Chris Reece.He is making his radioshow only on equipment:Numark 5000 fx and Denon's 1000s.He played in many clubs in Poland for example:Tango and Cash,3 Arts,Chocolate and Estara.In his short carrier he had a radioshow @ Sense.Fm,Soundempire.net and now he have got radioshow on Pure.Fm(exlusive) and Houseradio.pl(the best radio not commercial in Poland with house music).He has got twelve place on the most popular about electronic music in Poland -http://www.topdj.pl/index.php?modul=biografia&akcja=pokaz&id=1583. He give once per month his exlusive mix to the topdj.pl he also start his producer carrier and he would like to release his projects.

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