17 October 2010

Alex di Stefano (Italy)

Alex Di Stefano aka Alex Andiamo was born on the 2nd August 1977 in Italy. Producer in the discographic field since 14 years, at the age of 8 he began to take music lessons: thanks to them, few years later he realized that music would have been his greatest passion. His first approaches with the audience have been really positive, so that he received a great number of job proposals from various clubs of the Adriatic Coast. His live sets were impressive: the equipment he used was fascinating, but it was the technique with which he used his Keyboard - Sampler Asr10 that impressed the most. In 1994 the first single of Alex was published, its title was "DayDream - Thinkin' About You" and it had been created with the help of Luigi Peluzzo; this collaboration lasted four years. In 1995 he obtained a place for his own program ("Mix & Remix") in a local radio, and in the same time his second single "DayDream - Through The Night" was released. In 1996 finally his third single was published, under the names of "Alex D. & Luigi Peluzzo" instead of DayDream: the song was titled "Missed People". In1998 Alex moved to Rimini and he began to produce Techno-Trance tunes, as the well-known Hesperia Ep - Blue Waves, Shado - The Flute, Mizar Ep - Volcano, Mizar Ep II. In 2001 a new collaboration was born: Alex began to work with David B, the resident dj of Cocoricò in Riccione, a very famous disco in which even Alex performed. The two produced a tune titled "David B - Monitor". The next relevant works have been "The Brat - Animal Kingdom" and the rmx "Molella - The Sound Of My Dj (The Brat Mix)". In 2003 Alex began his adventure with E.Galli and L.Belloni at the Digital Team Studio. Alex immediately stood out, bringing the Dts Studio completely new sonorities by producing: Mentronik - Get Up The Rhythm, Mash - In Your Arms (with Claudio Lancini), K4 - Kiss Me, The Creatures vs Gotha - Believe In Yourself, VanNuys - Wonderful World, Starship - Movin', The Groovers - Play The Rhythm (Mash Rmx), 4U - The Rhythm Of Emotion, Mash - One Day, Noisegang - Rock It On, Skudo - Una Favola Che Vivrà, Moova - Goodbye (VanNuys Rmx), Chopper - I Wanna F*** You, Dj Rob vs Bar feat. Roxy - Come Together, Mash - Oak Island, Dj Rob feat. Roxy - Automatic Love, Novotono - Recuerdo De Passion (Dj Rob Rmx), Luca Belloni - Jumpin', Mash - Be My Girl (Alex Andiamo Mix).In 2008 Alex began his adventure with GIO MBG International at the 9Records.com. At the moment Alex is working on new projects and since many years he can be found at the Altromondo Studios disco in Rimini.

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