17 October 2010

DJ Wojtala (Poland)

Wojtek Chojnicki aka DJ Wojtala born in Mragowo July 9, 1988
Ex Residents Korsze club Arena where it resided until the opening years of technical stage.
He started in the Pub Diablo-Mragowo which moved to the biggest club in the area which is the Sabat (Ryn).
He played in clubs such as:
Arena (Izbica Kujawska PL), Arena (Stradomno PL), Arena (Korsze PL), Arena (Wysoka PL), Genesis (Niszczewice, Zlotów), Omen (Plosnica), Ibiza (Gwizdziny), Artem (Swiedziebnia), Odyseja (Wilczeta), Witonia (Banderoza), Viva (Sopot), Mikstura (Ostroda), Kino (Plock), Life (Paslek). Rheingold (Dusseldorf DE), Prestige (Remscheid DE).
He also participated in events:
Omen Summer Event, Evolution of Sound, Just for Fun-Paslek.
He played with such as DJ's:
Diabllo, Yourant, DJ W, Carsten Hell, Hazel, Drum, Omen, Badflame, Locco Lovers, oshi,Steve X, Olaf van Crazy, Puls C, Fresh, Vuriouz, Cezar, Roomcajz, Marcu5,
Klaas, Mickey T, 4Strings.
Species in which he feels is the best Electro, Dutch, Tech House
Booking: +48 888 098 816

DJ Wojtala on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/djwojtala

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