17 October 2010

DJ Lucca (Czech Republic)

Relating to official previews 2009 is the year to become a very difficult one. Recession in europe? A world crisis in economy? Nobody really knows how to call it correctly like it will be. But one thing is for sure. Though people may expect the worst Lucie Kvasnicov√°, better known as Lucca by her fans, will expect a highlight in her career.
This tiny and beautiful woman from the czech republic has played and placed herself into the hearts of her fans throughout the last decade and received much respect from male collegues like Chris Liebing or even Carl Cox who still is one of her favourite turntablist in techno business. All of them estimate Lucca a lot and cherish her style and skills and give her the references a worldwide top-dj does need to have.
Lucca's approach towards the perfect sound has always been accompanied by authenticity and devotion. Firstly captured by the house sound by dj sneak Lucca afterwards seduced herself to the techno vibes from napoli. In this epoque Lucca started to be part in every line up of every essential event concerning this style and was given her own festival organised by her former agency Mersey. As a conclusion she performed at "Live @ Hradhouse 2005" a unique concert which was also released on dvd showing this wonderful location placed in the castle of Boskovica and Lucca as the headliner. But she did not stop changing and created her own sound - the Sound Of Acapulco.
More than five years ago in 2003 it was time for Lucca to launch her own label named Acapulco Records. This move has been considered one of the most important actions for the techno scene among the czech republic which was still developing at this point of time. Releases of Acapulco became the synonym for progressing czech techno and were mentioned in many playlists and dj charts. The relaunch of her label now called Sound Of Acapulco could not knock down her acceptance and did show her skills concerning musical visionary even in a brighter light.
Currently this bright light is being transmitted by her debut album "Reformation" which mirrors Lucca's personal trip through life. It is purely a big exhibition of her personal taste of music and a common production with the german producer Tobias Fiedler. As a special appearance even the famous czech musician Michal Pavlicek provides his guitar riffs on her longplayer. "Reformation" does not only reflect her current life concerning music. "Reformation does sound a little bit like revolution but it is not. Me for myself it sounds slightly to aggressive", Lucca claims in an interview. Moreover her album has been built around the experiences she faced the recent years while travelling and now is the djane's v-card. "Reformation" not just includes her former hit single "Body Dance" it is also packed with twelve new stunning tracks e.g. "Quantum" her personal favourits „Hundertwasser“, „Teleport“ und „Noise Town“ as she says. But Lucca would not be satisfied with her engagement for music if she would not plan to start a new longplayer production starting within the next year. This woman is simply restless.
Meanwhile Lucca is a resident guest in music magazins and an appreciated partner concerning endorsement deals. She recently has been the face of well known manufacturer American Audio and cover act of Raveline Germany's leading magazin for electronic music. She also did a highly acclaimed special mix for this particular issue which was downloaded many many times and shows her well timed presence and knowledge of music if needed. For this reason she once again has been elected "DJ Of The Year" in the Czech Dance Music Awards and still does host her own radio show on Paul van Dyk's Vonyc Radio since may 2008.

DJ Lucca on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/djlucca

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