17 October 2010

Angelo Mike (Poland)

Jarek Czechowski known as Angelo Mike, for years has been a synonym of music quality and commitment to the club scene.
Winning titles of the Best DJ in Poland and other awards in electronic music, for many years he provides us with wonderful music experiences not only as a DJ, but also as a promoter. He was responsible for bringing for the first time to Poland most of the leading world's club scene artists and a well-known events such as Sensation White.
Now he is focused mainly on producing his own music, which lately has been released by Sentence Records.
Recently, he's also presented his own radio broadcasts. "Connect with Angelo Mike" can be heard every week on the radio Planeta FM (Poland), and the second show, "Sentence Sessions" aired on international Frisky Radio.
"I play for people and only for theirs sake..."
It takes years for true professionals to build their names, because even the  greatest of successes is all the more reason for them to continue evolving. Angelo Mike is exactly such a professional, and the idea of resting on his laurels has never even crossed his mind. Nonetheless, being a professional in every sense of the word alone in the job of a DJ and producer is only half of what's needed most - the rest is talent, which lures crowds to follow their beloved artist.
Mother, wife and lover
We're thinking about music here, and it was love to music which turned Jarek Czechowski into Angelo Mike and to this day strengthens his prodigy. "It's easy to relish success, give into hedonism, forget about the most important principles. Music is the reason why I'm at this point, still drawing joy from working. It constantly reminds me of why I got onto this road in the first place", says Angelo Mike. And what has his choice meant? A dozen or so years of getting into DJ booths to give the crowd a piece of himself, so people can feel drawn into the story he's got to tell. During his gigs, the division between artist and fans is nonexistent. There's one perfectly harmonious whole supported by an amazing diversity of electronic music. Music, which makes every hour and every minute of the night an unforgettable experience.
From Southern Poland...
Everything started in his hometown Nowy Sacz, where Jarek organized his first parties. If success were easily countable, it could be represented by the comparison of the amounts of people attracted to his ventures - a dozen or so in the early days and thousands at events like the Polish edition of Sensation White. But lots of other things had to happen in the meantime to make such success possible. One of the most important steps was the move to Warsaw, which is where he celebrated winning the title of the Best Polish DJ in 'Laif' magazine reader's poll. He ended up winning 4 years in a row, but it needs to be stressed clearly that he earned each and every vote by playing in every part of the country with almost every big name in the international electronic scene. It was difficult to imagine a significant event without him at the time. Today, his place at the top of the scene lets him carefully choose where and when he spins, because he prefers places where he can be sure that the music profile and technical equipment will let him show his artistry in its entirety.
...to Chicago
Polish DJs rarely go abroad to perform. This doesn't hold for respected producers of course, because they are a highly valued commodity in all four corners of the globe. Jarek is still working on his success story production-wise, but he's already got his fair share of rich experiences from his journeys to other countries. He was the first Pole to ever perform at Mayday in Dortmund. He played at Creamfields in Prague and German festivals like Soundtropolis, Nature One, House of Summer and Love Parade to name but a few. He also played twice on the biggest festival in Ireland - Planet Love. Multiple gigs in London, Dublin, Germany, Russia, Malta, Slovakia or Czech Republic have gained him fans far beyond the Polish backyard. We're also talking about the USA here, as Jarek performed at Congress Theatre together with ATB. Furthermore he rocked the dancefloor of Chicago's club Vision twice so far, lately during Poland Calling tour promoting his last compilation under the same name.
The next step
Organising the aforementioned Polish edition of the world's most spectacular dance event, Sensation White, is also an important aspect of Jarek's life. Instead of passively observing the many faults, errors and shortcomings that so thoroughly plague his country's clublife, he decided to take matters into his hands. This is how the booking agency Sentence and the event agency Essence Music came into being. The first one focuses on professional management and promotion of talented artists, while Essence Music organized huge parties in Wroclaw and Poznan. They were responsible for booking such names as Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, ATB, Above & Beyond and Tiƫst (twice!). The second edition of Polish Sensation White also took placed with Jarek's involvement, which is the best possible proof of how the biggest promoters on the planet trust the agency.
At the moment Jarek Czechowski is a founding father of compilation project named POLAND CALLING including electronic music tracks of Polish artists only. It's the first and unique in its kind compilation released in Poland. Jarek included on compilation his debut productions, the fruits of many hours spent in his studio. These tracks are manly progressive with a bit of minimal and tech house vibes. He was inspired by emotions accompanying him during years of djing. It's amazing in how ideal way he encompassed in melody everything what he wanted to express. Every fan of club music should listen to it.
Recently, he's also presented his own radio broadcasts. "Connect with Angelo Mike" can be heard every week on the radio Planeta FM (Poland), and the second show, "Sentence Sessions" aired on international Frisky Radio.
"Every single success opens the door to another one. I can't and I don't want to stop. I'm working with people who I deeply value. I'm working for people that make me exist" - Angelo Mike -
Best Polish DJ 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005
PLAYED: Sensation White, Mayday, Nature One, Creamfields,Love Parade, Lovebase, Planetlove, Soundtropolis, Audioriver, Electrocity, Coke Life Music Festival, PVD's In Between Tour, Tiesto EOL Tour, Machac Fest, Marco V's Combination Tour, Tiesto CEE Tour, Luxor Grounds...       

Angelo Mike on My Space: www.myspace.com/angelomikemusic

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