17 October 2010

Sebastian S. (Poland)

Sebastian S is a young, ambitious DJ and producer from Bydgoszcz in Poland. His adventure began at the turn of 2006/2007.
Of course, in the beginning was hard, but persistence and a great love for music helped them survive the worst period. Then it was just easier. First steps for the console and the first productions.
The year 2008 was a turning point in his career. Getting friendly with the DJ W and launch a joint music project - Double U & SS. Their first song was released on the Sunrise Festival 2008 and was warmly received by club members throughout the country. Their songs were featured on the compilation of Godskitchen and FTB (www.ftb.pl)!
In the next latch also does not remain in the shadows. Subsequent productions and more successful. Their EP entitled "Action Man" released in Empedo Records was very warmly received. The title track was on the compilation 'Poland Calling 2 " mixed by Catz'n'Dogz! This compilation was released by Sentence Records - Mike Angelo record. Hosted the biggest events in the country. Among other things, on the Sunrise Festival 2009, enHouse 2009 and Electrocity Festival 2010! The latter event is special for him because he played in a duo with DJ W with names such as Dubfire, Timo Mass, Kevin Saunderson, Luca Bacchetti and Nastia Beauty.
Music is also his way of life. Along with his friends founded a thriving agency and booking-organizational MUSIC EMPIRE AGENCY. As he says: "If you want something with all your heart, there is no such force that you prevent the realization of this!"

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