16 October 2010

Oen Bearen (Poland)


Powerful teenager infecting you with fresh, trancy drive!
Adrian, comming from Slupsk in poland, has great plans about his own future, which he examines really carefully.
Bit shy beginning turned out to be more self-confident look on the world. He beloved trance because of his uncle, who has actually tranced him. Today, he couldn’t live without music. As mentioned earlier, first steps of music career, were made very hesitant, while releasing No Leaf Clover and Solitude in Actuate Recordings. Later on, his career began to gather momentum. Remix for Ex-Driver, has achieved first place in Top Trance Sales in shop trackitdown.net. In the meantime, Oen produces more… and more music.
Ajoyable released in 2008 in Stampgevaar Digital Label, was honored by Ferry Corsten’s support, which actually was a big shock for such young, beginner artist. In exact the same time – Adrian began playing his monthly radioshows on Sense.FM and Trance.FM called “Soundbreeze” and “Sensual Sessions.
They actually raise constantly the number of listeners and fans. However, the biggest booom was just about to come. 2009 was the biggest breakdown for that guy with big smile on his face. Somethin about 20 remixes, were supported by Ferry Corsten, Roger Shah, Pedro Del Mar, Manuel Le Saux, Sebastian Brandt, Fast Distance, and that indicated natural fact – Oen shaked the TranceWorld.
Released in that year: Unexpected Love, HopeCloud, Souriez and Feelings Shore, showed his first talent shines. His steps were just like banging – because of guys helpin him – Nivaya, TB or TrancEye – with the last one, he made a great collaboration! In 2009 they released “Kinesis” together, which has become outstanding remixpack: Mark Naden, Cylum & Velden, Ex-Driver! That tune has showed up on many prestigious Trance Compilations, and was supported by the major names on the trance scene.
2010 is awesome for Oen. Many releases with TrancEye: Bushido, Phantasmagoria, Masuo, supported mainly by: Pedro Del Mar, Roger Shah, Aly & Fila! His own work: “Unadulterated”, reviewed largely in DJMag magazine, was remixed by Airborne Angel and Mario Ayuda & Chris Callado, hooked up Pedro Del Mar and Marco V, Ferry Corsten, Rank1's attention!
Oen is silent.
This silence is silence before storm.

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