16 October 2010

Marcel Woods (Netherlands)


A studio powerhouse on many levels, Marcel Woods has spent his career making his own path, leapfrogging stereotypes and diminishing musical barriers, and nowhere else is this more evident than in the psychosis of his self-stylised world, where his Musical inner-demons run free against the typecast Madness.
Unleashed from its chamber once again, Musical Madness returns to assault the senses with a debauched and unrelenting style that has shattered global dance floors, scorched festival tents and pierced the ears of radio listeners everywhere from the northern hemisphere to the south Pacific.
With his inner-demons guilty as charged for slaying all manner of musical stereotypes, Marcel Woods has since found himself transforming his sound into an art form known for its diversity as much as its energy. So, fiercely proud and undeniably loud, "The Woodsman" is honored to introduce to you his "Music Madness Vol 2".

Marcel Woods on My Space: http://www.myspace.com/marcelwoods

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